Benefits of Being A Good Student For Car Insurance Rates

Teens pay a higher auto insurance rate because of that age group’s accident statistics. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studies show that on average, drivers under age 20 have more accidents, drive faster and are more susceptible to distracted driving than older drivers. However, younger drivers can reduce their rates. Being a good student is one of the best methods. Spending times studying will save you significant money on your car insurance. Find out more about the benefits of being a good student for car insurance rates and get free online car insurance quotes from our website.

keep-calm-and-be-a-good-studentGood students can easily apply for at least a 15 percent savings on insurance premiums. Depending on the insurance provider, this discount can go as high as 25 percent.  You should remember that not all insurance companies provide a discount for good students, so shop around and search for a one that does. If you’re on your parents’ insurance plans and your siblings also get good grades, you might not get the full discount.

Insurance companies claim that students with good grades are more interested in staying at home, studying, and less time driving the car. Insurance carriers say a good student will make better driving decisions, which also translates to better decision making behind the wheels. A good student is also considered more responsible, making her a better insurance risk than her less-studious buddies.

You usually can apply for a good student discount if you’re a full-time student between 16 and 24 years old .You must have and keep B average or 3.0 grade point average and bring a report card to verify the claims. If you get straight A’s you might an even more valuable discount, though this varies with the insurance provider. If you get the discount, the insurance companies will require you to bring and notify regular updates on your grades. Good-student discounts don’t carry over automatically. If your marks drop below a B average, the insurance company will take away your discount and you will pay the full rate.

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