Common Misconceptions About Auto Insurance

Check the following common misconceptions about auto insurance and check our webpage for online auto insurance quotes.

  1. autoNEW - images (1)It is always better to buy from a captive agent. Although you may think that an agent specializing in just one company is a really knowledgeable guy and will give you the best advice in analyzing and customizing the right policy, there is always a trick. These insurance agents receive a fee based on how many new customers get to their company. And they can be pretty good in deceiving and manipulating people, directing them to buying a policy from the company they represent. We recommend you to also get quotes online or work with brokers and compare prices from multiple companies.
  2. Not reporting minor accidents won’t affect your rates. There are many drivers who think that if they miss reporting a minor accident, the insurer will not find out and they will not be penalized with more expensive premiums. This way of thinking and acting is particularly risky if the accident was more than a simple scratch. Even if you do not report the accident, the other driver may do it. And the consequences of hiding attempt can be pretty dire, from sky-rocketing insurance costs, to ulterior claims denial and cancelling the policy.
  3. The color of the car influences the insurance costs. This is another myth heavily perpetuated by misinformed drivers. People tend to associate certain colors with certain personalities. This is why people driving red cars are considered to be daredevils on road. Luckily, the insurance companies do not have this misconception. Of course, driving a red sports car is more expensive, but not because the car is red.
  4. New cars are thieves’ preferred targets. Many statistics show quite the opposite. Many thieves would gladly steal a classic or antique car rather than a new one. The reason is simple: those cars become quite rare and very valuable on the collectors’ black market.

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