How Does Your Job Affect Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurers are simply trying to calculate your risk when they ask what you do for a living. There are many factors that go into your driver profile and every insurer has their own unique calculations, data and statistics. Some may take your credit score into account and all will look at your vehicle model and neighborhood. Similarly, some insurers may see a correlation between job type and risk. Find out more about how your job affects car insurance rates and get cheap auto insurance quotes from our website.

car-insurance-cost.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smartOne of the first questions insurers ask is the distance to work. If your commute takes one or more hours, then your likelihood of being involved in an accident will increase. As with all types of insurance, the riskier the insurance company considers you, the more it will charge you for insurance coverage. People with longer commutes aren’t inherently worse drivers.

The price you pay could be higher or lower depending on whether or not you travel regularly as part of your job, or if you carry expensive equipment or stock in your vehicle. Imagine that you are a sound engineer and you carry with you very expensive sound equipment and you travel a lot, to various events. Being involved in an accident that would destroy that equipment will make the insurer pay a lot of money.

This should be a no-brainer, but be sure to always answer your insurer truthfully, as lying about your occupation (or anything else) could put you on an insurance fraud list, which would bring your rate up much higher than a risky job would. Or you can end up without any form of car insurance. The best thing to do is to compare a few quotes from various insurers to find the best car insurance coverage for you.

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