Should Teen Drivers Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

New drivers, particularly young drivers, have higher insurance rates for two good reasons: inexperience behind the wheel and immature behavior, correlated to their age. Just like anyone attempting to master a new skill, teen drivers tend to make mistakes and take risks that more experienced drivers wouldn’t. Increased risks translate to increased insurance rates. But also, making bad decisions will make you pay more for your rates.  Getting useless coverages or unnecessary extra-bonuses will drastically increase the costs. So, should teen drivers get comprehensive auto insurance or collision auto insurance, which are known to be expensive?  Read our blog post and visit our website for free online auto insurance quotes.

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You should think twice about collision and comprehensive coverage. If the car you want to insurer is an older model car that isn’t financed, it might make more financial sense to skip these optional coverage types. But these policies are mandatory if you do not yet own the car and you are paying for it.

Comprehensive auto insurance is expensive and it makes sense to buy it only if you really have a valuable car that you cannot afford to replace if totaled.  And, of course, if you can afford the policy.  The lack of experience, being labeled as high risk-driver and an already expensive policy, will make the recipe for a really pricy service.  One way to reduce the costs of comprehensive auto insurance is to accept a higher deductible. Minimizing the chances of theft, weather damage and vandalism will also help reducing the costs.  Make sure to talk with a competent car insurance agent before signing any contract.  Comparing prices, with the use of free online car insurance quotes is also a good method to know your potential costs for insurance.

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