Thing To Do Before Renewing Your Car Insurance Plan

Check the following things to do before renewing your car insurance plan. Also, visit our website and get quotes for free from every cheap auto insurance company in your area. This is what you should do:

  • car-insurance-cost.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smartSelect your coverage plans:Even though liability insurance is compulsory, a car owner has the liberty to choose if he/she wants to buy full coverage or go for the basic plans. Before you renew your auto insurance, choose the type of plan you would want to go for depending on your needs and budget.
  • See if you are eligible for no-claim discount: Insurance companies offer bonus to their customers for every claim-free renewal. This amount can decrease the premium amount quite a lot, with 10-20% less. If you are planning to switch your insurance provider, ask what will happen with the bonus.
  • Current market value of your car: Depreciation value of your car is considered while calculating the car insurance premium. It is important for you to know the market and depreciation value of your car as it will you to negotiate better with your insurance provider.
  • Make sure you do not have insurance gaps: Always make sure that you renew your car insurance well in advance. Hefty penalties will be charged by the insurance provider if you do not renew your car insurance before the expiry date. Apart from the penalties, it is a huge risk to drive around without vehicle insurance.
  • Select the necessary extras: Every insurance company offers additional covers that customers can choose from. Personalize your car insurance with add-ons that match your requirements.
  • Select deductibles: Policyholders have an option to choose voluntary deduction option while renewing their motor insurance. Under this option, the policyholder agrees to pay a fixed amount or a percentage during any future claim settlement. This will reduce your premium amount and helps you reduce your car insurance policy renewal costs.


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