Top Safety Rules For Driving At Night

Driving at night can be pretty dangerous and inexperienced drivers can do foolish mistakes. Check the following top safety rules for driving at night and stick to our recommendations. Also, visit our website and get online auto insurance quotes, for free.

  • 2012_Toyota_Sienna_03Keep windows clean to avoid increased glare and condensation. This will improve visibility on the road. Check the windows before driving.
  • Don’t blind other drivers and dip your lights when faced with another road user. Dazzling the incoming drivers is really dangerous: it takes one second for a blinded driver to cause a collision.
  • Turn your headlights on before sunset and keep them on for an hour after sunrise. This will help drivers see you on the road and avoid potential collisions.
  • Have your eyes checked regularly for problems which can affect your night vision. You should not drive at night if you have eye-problems. Present to a medic at the slightest eye-ache or visual impairment or dimming.
  • Be aware that other road users may behave erratically so be prepared to give them more space. Each driver has its own driving style and experience. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should not tailgate.
  • Watch out for pedestrians, especially near pubs and clubs around closing time. Night hours become really dangerous for drivers passing by clubs and pubs. Drive slower and carefully watch the road. There may be drunk pedestrians lying on the road. Immediately stop the car and take the pedestrian to a safer location.
  • Allow more time for your own journey, so you’re not driving under pressure. Again, you should drive slower at night, in order to analyze the road better and detect potential hazards.
  • And of course, never drive under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, do not drive if you have taken medication that makes you sleepy.

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