Why You Should Get Motorcycle Insurance

No matter if you are the proud owner of a parade chopper, or driving a speeder, you should always get insurance.  Data published by Department of Transportation shows that there are more than 8.4 million motorcycles on the roads of United States. With so many motorcycles on the road, finding appropriate insurance has become a necessity. Check our website to read more about motorcycle insurance and to purchase auto insurance online.

motorcycle-insurance-florida2The first reason to get insurance is simple: the state obliges you. In almost all states, insurance is mandatory and you must carry at least a minimum coverage level. Different states have different requirements regarding property damage and bodily injury liability levels.  Only in Washington and Florida you do not need liability insurance to legally ride a motorcycle.  However, if you cause an accident using a motorcycle in these 2 states, the fines and penalties are dire, including jail time.

The second reason is also obvious: to reimburse and be reimbursed if an accident happens.  Sharing the roads with larger vehicles poses a great risk for any motorcycle driver. When colliding with a car or a truck, the motorcycle is usually the one which absorbs most of the shock and gets damaged. Having insurance will help you get your precious ride repaired and help paying the medical bills.

Another good reason why you should get insurance is to financially recover from a theft. Car and motorcycle theft are a grim reality and we cannot deny it. And stealing a motorcycle is easier than a car, especially when the thieves come equipped with a pick up van.

Policies like comprehensive coverage can also cover events not related to theft or collisions. For example, it will cover acts of vandalism, things which have become quite frequent in the recent years.

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